lauantai 9. marraskuuta 2013

American Burger

Last week, on Wednesday afternoon I met my lovely friend in NJ. Chatting makes you hungry, so we headed to a Bareburger! Yep, we had burgers :) But not whatever burgers. A real organic, no GMO/ processed/ factory-like burgers. We both had a veggie, quinoa burgers with a gluten free buns and sweet potato fries on the side. And I can tell you, that it was SO GOOD! 

Let the pictures tell you the rest ... 

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  1. I love love love burgers! But only the good ones. I would never ruin my diet with something that is not delucious, save for some odd late night Burger King or McDonald's. But it's life and it's worth it. When I make fresh BBQ burgers at the summer villa, I never serve it with fries. And my buns are of a mixed grain. But I am intrigued by the glutein-free buns. Were they any good? And how about my other favourite, pasta. Is glutein-free pasta any good and where can I get it from?

    1. Johanna, I agree with you! But I have to say, that this glutenfree bun was delicious! We were too a bit suspicious about it, and asked waitress if its flat bun. But no, it tasted exactly like "normal" buns, or even better! I learn to make these at home.

      I always carry some gluten free pasta from States. They have the best quinoa linguini in Whole Foods. It tastes exactly like any other linguini- but without gluten. I can highly recommend this one, but unfortunately I am sure that you can't find it from Finland. Maybe one day... I hope so ;) I haven't tried the ones you can find from Ruohonjuuri etc. I will start to do some research and let you know :)

      Thanks for commenting :)